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How Artificial Intelligence Is Raising The Bar On The Science Of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of the business landscape. It’s now accepted as a technology for many applications and platforms. However, marketing is one of the areas where AI is transforming how the process works. As such, it’s also solving some marketing challenges across industries. However, like other technology slowly making its way into all […]

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How Financial Services Marketing Is Rebuilding Its Image

The most successful businesses worldwide have made it mostly due to their customers, support and trust, plus a brilliant marketing campaign(s). Of course, that is ridiculously simplifying it but you get the idea. Financial institutions, however, are very often faced with a lot of scepticism and a lack of confidence from their consumers about getting help […]

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How CMOs Can Integrate The Voice Of Sales Into Their Marketing Process

As a CMO how often do you meet with your counterpart in sales? Probably not often enough. According to a survey by Demand Gen Report, 45% of sales executives meet with their marketing peers less than once per quarter. This lack of alignment between sales and marketing fuels an incomplete understanding of customers, and in turn, lower win rates. When […]


5 Marketing Strategies Used To Build A 9-Figure Fitness Company And What Marketers Can Learn

Andy Frisella is no joke. While he was growing up outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Frisella sold anything he could get his hands on—baseball cards, lemonade, even light bulbs— cultivating the business skills he would later use to become a successful entrepreneur. Dropping out of college to start his first business, Supplement Superstore, with a […]