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Celine Dion features in latest installment of Deadpool 2’s marketing push

Deadpool wears heels and dances in Celine Dion’s Ashes / Ashes

Celine Dion has debuted with her new single Ashes featuring action hero Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) as a promotional video for the forthcoming sequel.

The video features superhero Deadpool wearing heels and performing ballet-like dance moves. Towards the end both Dion and Deadpool engage into a dialogue:

Deadpool: Celine, that was amazing. That was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen in my life

Celine: Thank you so much, thank you.

Deadpool: No, no, thank you. We need to do it again

Celine: OK. Why?

Deadpool: Well it’s too good. This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic. You’re at like an 11, we need to get you down to a five, five-and-a-half tops, just phone it in.

Celine: Listen, this thing (*points to self*) only goes to 11, so beat it Spider-Man.

Deadpool: God, I should’ve asked NSync.

Social media was buzzing with the mention of the video –

A collab I didn’t know we needed

— Patrick Crowley (@pcrowl) May 5, 2018

I’m a little embarrassed by how many times I’ve listened to a Celine Dion song for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack today… — Paul Shirey (@arcticninjapaul) May 3, 2018Yes… Yes… aaaaaaaaaaand Yes

 Brent Smith (@TheBrentSmith) May 3, 2018

The first Deadpool was a huge hit, not least as a result of a very tongue-in-cheek and self-aware marketing campaign.

source: The Drum

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