Hoteliers to form common digital platform for marketing

Digital platform

Confused about from where you can get your favourite cuisines in the city? Soon, you will be able to get it with a click of the mouse, or a tap on the smartphone. Hoteliers, food joints and eatery operators have decided to form a common digital platform to create awareness about the varied offerings city’s food sector has on the platter.

The digital platform will have all the details major hotels, restaurants, sweet and farsan shops, banquets, their occupancy, rents, seating arrangements as well as the menu. “We want to create awareness about special offerings, the food sector of the city. Say if you want to know which restaurants offer authentic Punjabi, other north Indian or other states cuisine, it will be available on this common digital platform,” said Hiren Gandhi, chairman of Food Committee of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Initially, booking orders will not be a part of the platform. The decision was taken after a recent meeting of hoteliers, who have recently formed Food Entrepreneurs of Ahmedabad (FEA) as an informal group for peer promotion and as an advocacy organisation for the sector. Business issues, government regulation, peer networking as well as activities to solve common issues are taken up by the body. Recently close to 225 members of FEA had organized a seminar in the city to discuss the roadmap for the growth of the sector. The proposal to go digital was put forward at this meet.

“We have found that business can be grown very fast through the digital platform. We are promoting the sector on Facebook. We want to get more eyeballs. It will be used a marketing and promotion tool,” said Jaikishan Jadwani, MD of Hotel President and a member of Core Committee of FEA.


  • Efforts are on to launch the platform in about a month or two. Efforts are also underway to get FEA registered formally. Formation of FEA and its coordination with GCCI has tasted success as they recently managed to abolish the police license for eateries.

source: DNA

Keyur Dhandeo
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