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Social media marketing and communication

KARACHI: With the advancement in technology, organisations have started to switch to online advertising for their products from newspapers and TV. Now a rapid change in marketing strategies is taking place the world over and companies are changing their ways to communicate with their customers. Companies are using different social media platforms to make their customers aware of their products and attract more and more potential customers.

Considering that the trend of online shopping is becoming the norm, it becomes easy for a company to advertise their products on different social media networks or on search engine optimisation.

There are many advantages of this. First, it enables to create awareness of a brand to a larger audience. Another advantage is increased traffic related to your product. More customers mean more sales and eventually more profit for the company. More customers also mean that they will be leaving feedback regarding the quality of your product or service. Lastly, this method of marketing is way too cost effective if compared with other traditional methods.

However, since everything has its merits and demerits so has social media marketing. Since social media is a platform that provides its users with the freedom of expression — some rival companies/firms use this as a golden opportunity and a tool to defame its competitors. Another disadvantage of such marketing is that it requires time and effort to be invested in order to maintain a social media page. Unlike the flyers and brochures that are printed once, the content on social media needs to be updated every now and then, especially with the launch of every new product.

Keeping in view all these points, social media marketing can help one gain its products’ sale but if not used wisely it can also result in the loss of a company’s reputation.

Azeem Ahmed Tariq

source: The express tribune