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Latest Wells Fargo Snafu Is a ‘Great Example’ of the Changes Its Ad Campaign Touts, According to CMO

Work from BBDO rolled out shortly before the recent gaff The latest Wells Fargo hiccup—some employees improperly altered documents about corporate customers, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal—made the news last week, shortly after the company unveiled an ad campaign promoting a new kind of Wells Fargo. That might seem like a problem. […]

Marketing News

Why the CMO and the CTO are destined to rule the future of brand marketing together

Ten years ago, chief marketing officers and chief technology officers didn’t have much to say to one another. One was viewed as a head-in-the-clouds dreamer and the other, a reclusive nerd. Oh, how things have changed. We’ve since witnessed a series of interconnected revolutions in the internet, mobile, media, cloud infrastructure, security, and consumer buying […]


Former AUB Group marketing chief joins Wilson Parking

CMO50 marketing leader tasked with customer transformation effort in new role Former AUB Group marketing leader, Vanessa Lyons, has switched insurance management for parking solutions and taken up a newly created position at Wilson Parking Australia. Lyons has become the general manager of marketing and customer experience at the group, which supplies car parking management […]