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6 Ways to Attract More Customers Through Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is often associated with more traditional methods, like direct mail. The thing is, ‘traditional’ works. In today’s online business world, it’s much more commonplace to hear experts extol the benefits of inbound rather than outbound marketing. While inbound marketing focuses primarily on the creation and promotion of quality content to drive customer traffic, […]

Social Media

Now, Pinterest Marketing Gets Easier with Hootsuite’s Latest Integration

Integration Enables Pinterest Scheduling and Publishing from Hootsuite, Empowering Customers to Build and Manage Brands and Strengthen Relationships with Customers Through the Power of Imagery  Leading social media management platform and a MarTech 150 RADARcompany, Hootsuite, has announced a global partnership with Pinterest. This partnership is resulting in the native integration of Pinterest into the Hootsuite […]

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Can marketers reduce ‘friction’?

Facebook releases a white-paper to help marketers understand why consumers abandon purchase journeys The social network along with KPMG and Nielsen have released a report on how ‘friction’ affects purchase journeys and what brands can do to provide a seamless personalized experience to convert better. Brand Equity also caught up with Facebook‘s Sandeep Bhushan to […]

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Facebook expands its list of marketing partners, while limiting what view tags can do

After July 1, Facebook’s view tags will no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting impressions. Facebook announced today it is expanding its list of third-party solutions to measure ad effectiveness, while at the same time, it is limiting the capabilities of its view tags feature. The company is onboarding marketing partners in three […]

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Adidas tipped to halt video ad spend on FB, overall spend on social gets cut

Adidas has halted its video ad spend on Facebook and is considering cutting spending on the platform. This is due to concerns that consumers are not regularly viewing its Facebook ads, Digiday reports, quoting sources. adidas is quoted to be “frustrated” with the limited amount of data Facebook shares with its marketing team, making it […]

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Facebook unveils new analytics features, including a tool to track the omnichannel journey

The social media company made this announcement — and many others — at F8, its developer conference in San Jose. Facebook introduced new analytics features – including a tool to track customer journeys through multiple channels – on Tuesday at its F8 developer conference. Journeys is the most notable addition to Facebook’s currents analytics tools. It […]


Digital marketing strategies followed by top consumer brands that MSMEs can use

The digital world today is swamped with cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud technology, the Internet of Things, and the mobile internet. These technologies, along with the right digital marketing strategies can help organizations of all sizes become successful. All businesses, whichever industry they cater to, need to generate the maximum possible return on […]


Five Marketing-Driven Strategies For Recruiting Employees On Facebook

In today’s competitive job market, there’s a lot of competition for job candidates’ attention (and application). As a business owner and digital marketing consultant, I have had the opportunity to test multiple digital platforms and targeting tactics for my company, as well as consult on the topic for multiple area businesses. At KeyMedia Solutions, social […]